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The Ingredients List

There are thousands of cosmetic products on the market, millions even, so it’s understandably difficult to know who to trust with something as precious as your skin.

You can't trust labels, we know that. Words like 'natural' and 'organic' can mean very little at best and be thoroughly misleading at worst. But you can trust the ingredients list. It's the one place where legislation has caught up and it's the first place to look when deciding on any skincare regime. Luckily, in the ingredient list, there is very little space to hide.

In time, the secret is to learn what ingredients suit your skin. But time is short, we are all busy, so look for brands that are completely transparent with their ingredient lists and trust them. Siskyn evolved because of our personal skin issues, we've been in your shoes. And from years of being horrified about what’s in some skincare, and the damage it's doing not just to our bodies, but the environment and future generations.
We are committed to using only 100% pure botanical oils. You can trust us.

Below is a list of the 43 different oils we currently use in our blends, what they do and why we love them. This is where the magic happens.

Apricot Kernel

A light, deeply moisturising and hydrating carrier oil, Apricot Kernel is readily absorbed without leaving a greasy residue. Containing skin beneficial vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E, plus Omegas 6 and 9 linoleic and oleic acids. This wonderful oil encourages the regeneration of skin cells and collagen production. It has revitalising, nourishing and calming properties helping to regulate and restructure the skin. It is especially suitable for mature and prematurely aged skin as it can help skin retain elasticity and suppleness without feeling greasy and is mild enough to comfort sensitive skin. Apricot Kernel carrier oil also has a low comedogenic meaning it won’t block pores making it a staple in our face oils.


A real super star carrier oil with an impressive profile and a real favourite here at Siskyn. Avocado oil is very high in Omega 9 Oleic acid making it a highly emollient, highly penetrating oil. Considered to be similar to our own sebum, it is also rich in Vitamins A B D E and K. A and E work together to promote natural collagen production and improve the skin’s tone and texture. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant making it healing for dry and mature skin, for fighting ageing free radicals present in the environment and helping heal sun damage. Vitamin D works on the deep corrective tissue in the skin and vitamin K is a real powerhouse in skincare improving skin pigment and discolourations like scars, acne scarring, sun damage and even under eye dark circles. Also anti-inflammatory Omega 3 and 6 linoleic and linolenic acid both aid skin cell renewal. Avocado oil also has a reported Sun Protection Factor rating of between 4 and 15 making it a perfect addition to our day oil. (although we do not recommend you use it to replace your sun screen) We told you it was a superstar.


This incredible carrier oil is cold pressed from the seeds of Baobab fruit trees whose normal lifespan is some 500 years, with some of the oldest trees reaching an age of 5000 years. Just think about that for a second. Rich in Omega 3 and 6 Essential Fatty Acids making it highly anti-inflammatory and Vitamins A, D, E giving it antioxidant superpowers against those free radicals plus including a hearty dose of collagen boosting plant sterols. Vitamins A is vital for skin rejuvenation, keeping it hydrated and toned.This incredible oil absorbs quickly and is highly emollient making it wonderful to use on dry skin. It is also great to moisturise dry, frizzy hair, and we know all about that, so watch this space.


Benzoin essential oil has a sweet, warm, vanilla-like aroma that smells good enough to eat (please don’t though, it will end badly) However it’s incredible smell isn't the only reason we include it. Benzoin gives the skin’s overall condition a boost by increasing elasticity, reducing redness and imparting a healthy glow. Although, like many essential oils, it is excellent for all skin types, it is particularly beneficial for soothing and healing irritated skin. Benzoin has mild astringent properties that can help tone and tighten skin texture making it an excellent addition to our body oils. It smells great, can help make your bum look great, what’s not to love.


Bergamot essential oil is produced from the rind of a Bergamot orange fruit and it comes with a powerhouse of benefits. As with many of the citrus oils, along with it’s wonderful subtle orange smell, this oil has a toning and tightening effect on the skin. It is also an antiseptic, encouraging wound healing and has cicatrisant properties helping heal scars and even skin tone. Although Bergamot oil can cause photosensitivity, our oil has had the bergaptene, the active ingredient, removed for safety. It is a welcome addition to our Grapefruit and Sweet Fennel Toning Body Oil.

Black Cumin Seed

Essential Fatty Acids. Amino Acids, Vitamins, Flavonoids. Black Cumin Seed carrier oil has it all. These skin boosting components provide instant, deep and lasting moisturisation for the skin. Vitamins A, B, and C give the skin what it needs to recover and repair itself. Flavonoids give fruit and vegetables their vibrant colours and are antioxidant rich, working to strengthen blood vessels and fight free radicals. While amino acids support natural skin function stimulating the cells to produce more elastin and collagen, two proteins that form part of the skin’s supporting network.


A real favourite here at Siskyn, Borage carrier oil has one of the highest concentrations of the Omega 6 Essential Fatty Acid Gamma Linolenic Acid naturally found, higher than in any other plant source. GLA has a potent, calming anti-inflammatory effect making it a suitable ingredient for all skin types. It is particularly beneficial for dry, mature and scarred skin with research showing effective use against eczema and dermatitis. But Borage wins a gold star for its ability to help maintain the integrity of the upper layers of the skin and helping regulate transepidermal water loss. This is important and the reason it plays a crucial role in all our facial oils.


Calendula carrier oil is wonderfully calming and has a soothing effect on all skin types. It is however particularly beneficial for irritated or more mature skins and the reason we use it in our most healing and nourishing blends including our Rosehip and Tamanu Scars and Stretchmark Body Oil and Helichrysum and Calendula Soothing Leg Vein Oil. Containing high amounts of flavonoids, these plant-based antioxidants help protect the skin against cell-damaging free radicals. Also rich in Salicylic acid, which can help brighten and tighten pores and kill the bacteria that cause acne, this incredible oil gives a powerful punch to our Frankincense and Jasmine Night Facial Oil.


Camellia Seed carrier oil was traditionally used by Geisha to remove their iconic makeup, keeping their skin flawless, making it an obvious choice for our Camellia and Safflower Hot Cloth Cleansing Oil. An excellent ingredient to help maintain the acid balance of your skin, leaving a soft barrier of Camellia to protect and moisturise. A rich source of Omegas 3, renowned for their rejuvenating properties, Omegas 6 to heal and restore and a high Omega 9 oleic acid content provides deep down hydration. It is feather light and so is quickly and totally absorbed into the skin, to create a healthy dewy complexion. Camellia plays a major role in our Rose and Neroli Day Facial Oil and our Frankincense and Jasmine Night Facial Oil. Camellia is one of the few ingredients that is wonderfully balancing for all skin types, including mature, ultra sensitive, oily, combination, and acne prone.

Carrot Seed

Carrot Seed essential oil is perhaps one of the most under appreciated essential oils, and yet it has an amazing range of skin benefits especially its ability to nurture mature and damaged skin. It visibly improves skin tone, elasticity and general skin health. Amazingly Carrot Seed oil has a natural SPF of between 38-40 (although still make sure you use your sunscreen) Antioxidants in this essential oil help repair some of the damage to your skin caused by oxidants (free radicals) by boosting the body’s immune response to UV rays, helping to prevent sun damage. We use this oil in our Lemon and Sea Buckthorn Night Brightening Night Oil to help diminish age/sun spots. Carotenoids also stimulate the rejuvenation of skin cells, aid in the detoxification process, and can help to heal chronic skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Not sure if it will help you to see in the dark though.


A very thick, rich, soothing carrier oil, Castor is highly occlusive, forming a protective barrier on the skin and locking in moisture. High in ricinoleic acid, it has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and healing component making it good for acne and refining pores. Due to its very thick sticky nature we only use Castor oil in our Camilla and Safflower Hot Cloth Cleansing Oil for it’s excellent ability to melt away the day’s oil, grime and makeup, oh and of course lashings of mascara.


A cleansing, toning and stimulating essential oil makes Cypress perfect for use in body blends and provides part of the power behind our Grapefruit and Sweet Fennel Body Toning Oil and Helichrysum and Calendula Soothing Leg Vein Oil. Used to improve circulation and blood flow that in turn influences skin tone, Cypress oil has the potent ability to help reduce the appearance of varicose veins and broken capillaries under the skin’s surface. Cypress oil is a diuretic and also useful to help with the appearance of cellulite, often caused by fluid retention, lack of circulation, weak collagen structure and increased body fat. It’s a little miracle in a bottle.

Evening Primrose

This wonderful carrier oil is a little miracle for most skin types and features in a number of our face and body blends. Due to its high concentration of the anti-inflammatory Omega 6 Fatty Acid Gamma-Linolenic Acid, it is a particularly effective for calming and balancing the skin, reducing redness and irritation. Evening Primrose oil also works well on dry, more mature skin as it is extremely moisturising, can reduce fine lines, encourages regeneration of skin cells and keeps skin soft and supple. Very helpful for soothing and diminishing varicose and spider veins. It helps promote a healthy circulatory system, working as a natural anticoagulant, meaning that it helps to reduce clotting. We harness these amazing qualities and put them to good use in our Helichrysum and Calendula Soothing Leg Vein Oil.

Flax Seed

The very high Omega-3 fatty acid content of Flax Seed carrier oil gives an incredible anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, helping to reduce skin irritation and ease the inflammation often associated with eczema, psoriasis, allergies and exceptionally dry skin. It can also help normalize skin lipids (the skin’s natural fats) and seal in moisture, both of which lead to improved hydration and the softening of fine lines. Antioxidant rich vitamin E helps protect the skin from free radicals, slowing oxidative damage from UV rays. A very versatile oil which we use in our Rosehip and Tamanu Scars and Stretchmark Body Oil and Macadamia and Myrrh Body Oil.


Frankincense essential oil has amazing skin cell renewal properties, it promotes the regeneration of new skin cells and also keep existing cells and tissues healthy. When you combine this aspect of Frankincense oil with its powerful astringent capabilities, you have potent skin boosting qualities and the reason we love it. It can help eliminate sun and age spots, remove micro-wrinkles around the eyes and cheeks, and generally tone and tighten skin all over your body. Frankincense essential oil's powerful astringent qualities that can help reduce acne, blemishes and the appearance of large pores. If it’s good enough for baby jesus it’s good enough for us.


Geranium essential oil smells wonderful, a beautiful floral rose like aroma. But more importantly it has powerful cicatrisant properties meaning it improves circulation under the skin’s surface, which aids in cell regeneration, making it useful for fading scars, age spots and other visible imperfections in the skin. As an astringent oil, it also has the power to minimize the look of fine lines and pores by tightening facial skin, the reason we use it to compliment the other essentials in our Rose and Neroli Day facial Oil, to help fade sun spots in our Lemon and Sea Buckthorn Night Brightening Oil and for its powerful healing qualities for our Helichrysum and Calendula Soothing Leg Vein Oil blend.


For a bright, zesty burst of freshness, nothing quite beats the aroma of Grapefruit essential oil. Like most citrus oils, Grapefruit has astringent qualities, beneficial for stimulating the skin, helping to tone and tighten. This essential oil is also rich in Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant which help to neutralise the free radicals that damage the skin and speed up the signs of ageing. Antioxidants also help boost the skin’s regenerative abilities to help maintain a dewy, youthful glow. This made it an obvious choice for our Grapefruit and Sweet Fennel Toning Body Oil, that and the fact that it smells divine.


Grapeseed carrier oil is especially useful for first time users of skincare oils as it is lightweight, absorbs well and it does not leave a greasy feeling making it a staple in our body blends. With a very high Omega 6 linoleic acid content, Grapeseed oil is healing and restorative. It’s anti-inflammatory properties make it wonderful for those with skin sensitivities as do its natural non-allergenic properties. Bursting with antioxidants from vitamin C and E, this nourishing oil helps fight free radicals, a known major cause of skin damage.


A wonderfully astringent carrier oil which provides re-balancing and soothing benefits for the skin. It absorbs quickly, leaving no oily residue and helps to tighten skin tone, regenerate cells and strengthen surface capillaries. Despite its light texture this carrier oil is rich in many nutrients including antioxidant rich Vitamin E and Essential Fatty Acids Linoleic and Oleic (Omegas 6 and 9). These give the oil its moisturising and anti-inflammatory properties, also helping to maintain the integrity of the outer layer of the skin. Another powerhouse oil that features in many of our blends, including our Helichrysum and Calendula Soothing Leg Vein Oil, our Rosehip and Tamanu Scars and Stretchmark Body Oil and our Grapefruit and Sweet Fennel Toning Body Oil.


If Rose Otto is the queen of essential oils then we consider Helichrysum the king. The chief role of this incredible essential oil is its ability to promote healing through cell regeneration. We are yet to make a facial oil that doesn't benefit from this amazing oil. It can help reduce scar tissue and stimulate the growth of new skin tissue, heal stretch marks, and reduce the appearance of surgical scars and skin blemishes. It’s calming and soothing properties make it perfect for those with sensitive skin, rosacea and dermatitis. Another important property of Helichrysum is its anti-hematic abilities, meaning it clears the accumulation of blood, which makes it the primary essential oil in our Helichrysum and Calendula Soothing Leg Vein Oil.


An exceptionally rich source of Essential Fatty Acids, Hemp carrier oil is known for its amazing skin calming and softening properties. With a high Linoleic Acid (Omega 3) content, a component of our skin’s natural oil (sebum) means it keeps the skin in balance and has a comedogenic (pore blocking) rating of zero. Good news for everyone but especially good news for those with greasy/acne prone skin as some studies suggest this condition is caused or exacerbated by a lack of linoleic acid in the sebum . Also rich in the incredible Omega 6 Gamma Linolenic Acid, this wonderful carrier oil naturally has a potent, calming anti-inflammatory effect making it a suitable ingredient for all skin types but is excellent for improving dry skin conditions making it a welcome addition to our Rose and Neroli Day Facial Oil. With a high Vitamin E content, a natural antioxidant that traps excess free radicals which attack and degenerate our skin cells and tissues, Hemp carrier oil leaves a non-greasy satin sheen on the skin, increases the elasticity and suppleness by retaining the skin’s natural moisture and we love it in our Macadamia and Myrrh Body Oils.


Everything about Jasmine essential oil is exotic and romantic. From it’s heady distinctive aroma to it’s delicate white flowers, gathered only at night. But to treat any essential oil as just a fragrance oil is really doing these incredible oils a disservice. Although the aroma of Jasmine is considered to be an antidepressant, it is an excellent oil for all skin types particularly dry or dehydrated. It also has mildly antiseptic properties helping keep the skin clear from blemishes caused by micro-organisms. Jasmine is also considered to be an aphrodisiac. It is also in our Frankincense and Jasmine Night Facial Oil. Just saying.


Jojoba carrier oil isn't actually an oil at all, it is a mixture of long chain mono unsaturated liquid wax esters, so now you know. This unique chemical make up is very similar to human sebum, making Jojoba a perfect ingredient for skincare oils, allowing for fast easy absorption with no greasy residue. It is considered non-comedogenic (non pore blocking) and non-allergenic and for this reason Jojoba is said to be good for oily or acne prone skin (although the Oleic content could exacerbate these conditions in some individuals). It is lightweight and non irritating so safe to use on sensitive skin, including around the eyes. The Omega 9 Fatty Acids act as a natural anti-inflammatory agent and being high in Vitamin E makes it a powerful antioxidant, protecting the skin from free radical damage.


Lavender essential oil helps the skin naturally heal itself which makes it excellent for those suffering from scars and stretchmarks. Additionally, lavender is antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory; qualities that can also help treat and diminish the appearance of acne, spots and blemishes. For those who may be suffering from their acne due to an allergic reaction to pollutants, the anti-toxic nature of this essential oil can provide additional relief. Lavender is a rubefacient which encourages blood flow to the skin, and a cytophylactic, which encourages skin growth and renewal. Together, these help the skin regenerate itself and keep skin looking healthy, firm and smooth.


Lemon essential oil is a good remedy for increasing the lustre of dull skin. It is astringent and detoxifying in nature, and rejuvenates sagging or tired-looking skin. Its antiseptic properties help reduce excessive oil and is excellent for treating spots and reducing acne. Its astringent properties can help to lighten dark spots, giving a boost to our Lemon and Sea Buckthorn Brightening Night Oil, as well as being nourishing and hydrating, it can help prevent and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Lemon being a citrus essential oil can cause photosensitivity, so is recommended for night time use only as in our Frankincense and Jasmine Night Facial Oil.


Containing one of the highest sources of an Omega 7 Mono unsaturated Fatty Acid called Palmitoleic acid, Macadamia Nut carrier oil is a great boost to any skincare oil blend. Vital for providing rich moisture and support for healthy skin function. Naturally high in Vitamin A it supports cell renewal, reduces fine lines and helps fade dark spots. Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that helps retain moisture, promotes elasticity and fights free radical damage from environmental elements. It also contains significant levels of Oleic acid great for parched dehydrated skin that has difficulty retaining moisture and closely resembles sebum (the skin’s natural oil). Macadamia oil is a fabulous protective oil with a high absorption rate, as well as being stimulating which makes this oil great for circulation and firming skin tone and texture. It forms part of the base of our Macadamia and Myrrh Body Oils.


Meadowfoam carrier oil is pressed from the seeds of the Meadowfoam flower. It is very close in structure to our own sebum (the skin’s natural oil) producing an oil that absorbs easily, leaving the skin silky smooth and nourished. Subsequently it can penetrate the skin deeper than some oils and acts as a carrier, helping other active ingredients travel deeper into the skin. As it softens and protects, Meadowfoam has emollient qualities that capture and contain moisture on the skin but it is classed as a non comedogenic, a non pore blocking oil. Rich in antioxidant Vitamin E, which protects and repairs the skin making this a perfect oil for use in our Lemon and Sea Buckthorn Brightening Night Oil.


With a warm, earthy, woody, aroma Myrrh essential oil is a tree resin that has been used and valued since ancient times for its medicinal, aromatic and spiritual applications including embalming. We use Myrrh to help boost skin strength through its potent antioxidant properties, resulting in a smoother and healthier complexion. Again, good enough for baby jesus, good enough for us.


Intensely floral, citrusy, sweet and exotic, neroli essential oil can help to regenerate skin cells. It is a rejuvenating oil useful to help lessen scar tissue, fade stretch marks and broken capillaries. A powerful antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic it is also great for soothing damaged or irritated skin, improving circulation, reducing fine lines. A natural astringent, like many other citrus elements, means it shrinks pores and blood vessels, smoothing skin’s appearance and diminishing under-eye circles. One of our favourite essential oils, it is a signature element in our Rose and Neroli Day Facial Oil


We've all come across Olive Oil used for cooking and for many it's hard to make the jump to using it in skincare. Used to nourish the skin and hair for centuries, thanks Cleopatra, Olive carrier oil is a wonderful addition to any blend. High in Oleic Acid (an Omega 9 monounsaturated fatty acid) it acts as a humectant, attracting external moisture, making it particularly good for drier and inflamed skin. Because Olive Oil is also high in squalene which is found in our own skin's sebum it doesn't block the natural functions of the skin. Excellent when used to remove makeup, remember oil removes oil and is safe to use around the eyes making Olive Oil a vital ingredient in our Camellia and Safflower Hot Cloth Cleansing Oil.

Peach Kernel

Peach Kernel carrier oil as its name implies is obtained from the stone (kernel) of a peach, sadly it doesn't smell like peaches though. Rich in vitamins A and E and a natural skin detoxifier that can help remove toxin build ups on the skin’s surface and tighten large pores. It is a light, easily absorbed carrier oil that contains high levels of Essential Fatty Acids (Oleic and Linoleic) These EFAs help to maintain the integrity of the outer layer of skin, making it especially useful for more mature complexions where elasticity has been lost. It can also be used to help reduce inflammation in skin that is irritated and reddened and is especially good for thread veins by dilating capillaries. We have harnessed all these amazing properties and put them to incredible use in many of our most powerful, yet healing blends including Helichrysum and Calendula Soothing Leg Vein Oil, Rosehip and Tamanu Scars and Stretchmark Oil and Lemon and Sea Buckthorn Brightening Night Oil.


Patchouli Essential Oil is rich, earthy and like marmite you either love or hate it. Unlike most essential oils that can oxidize and diminish in therapeutic and aromatic quality over time, Patchouli improves with age like a fine wine or a Cornish lass. This essential oil has so many benefits where to start, it is beneficial for most skin types ranging from dry, cracked skin all the way to helping to regulate oily skin and acne. It’s aphrodisiac properties have been well documented for centuries. It has astringent qualities and the potent ability to tighten skin that has lost some of its elasticity. Patchouli essential oil is soothing and particularly good at regenerating new skin cells, thus keeping the skin looking healthy and vibrant. Used in our Frankincense and Jasmine Night Oil, its natural aroma isn't obvious but compliments all the rich essential oils used in the blend.


The regenerative properties of Pomegranate carrier oil makes it an indispensable oil blend ingredient. It is a luxurious and deeply penetrating oil from the cold pressed seeds of pomegranate fruit, apparently taking over 100 kg of fresh pomegranates seeds to produce just one kg of the seed oil. This highly prized oil, naturally high in Flavonoids and Punicic Acid which are great for reducing inflammation as well as regenerating new skin and improving skin tone and elasticity. It does this by helping to regenerate these cells, which may actually help reverse past damage to revive skin and reveal a newer and more youthful glow. We include this oil in our Lemon and Sea Buckthorn Brightening Night Oil blend for its deeply nourishing benefits.

Rose Otto

Rose Otto the Queen of essential oils, smells delicious, like opening a box of Turkish Delight, and we are just a little bit obsessed with it. It apparently takes approximately 60 dew covered Bulgarian roses to produce one drop of this beautiful essential oil, it really is precious stuff. Incredibly rejuvenating and healing, Rose Otto gives tired, dull complexions a boost, helping to reduce fine lines and giving skin radiant healthy glow. It's mildly astringent action is effective in reducing and fading broken capillaries (spider veins) and evening skin tone. We use this precious oil in our face and body oils including Rose and Neroli Facial Day Oil, Macadamia and Myrrh Body Oil and Helichrysum and Calendula Soothing Leg Vein Oil.

Rosemary essential oil helps to tighten skin and so plays a pivotal role in our Grapefruit and Sweet Fennel Toning Body Oil. The herb stimulates circulation, helping to bring blood and nutrients to the surface of skin. Rosemary is rich in antioxidants like carnosic and rosmarinic acid, which help inhibit the action of free radicals and protect the skin from the visible effects of premature ageing. It also has regenerating and stimulating actions that help rejuvenate skin. Rosemary is also great for sensitive skin because it has natural anti-inflammatory properties.

We could write a book about the benefits of Rosehip carrier oil, it is a true miracle worker, and the reason we use it in almost all of our blends. It is considered a “dry” oil, with a smooth and light texture giving a beautiful natural glow to the skin. An excellent source of topical trans-retinoic acid, and form of Vitamin A, which stimulates the natural metabolism of skin cells to rejuvenates the skin’s appearance. Amazing for healing, hydrating, targeting fine lines and can work wonders to reduce scars and stretchmarks. An antioxidant rich oil that helps with pigment reduction, reducing the appearance of age/sun spots and hyperpigmentation. Rose hip seed oil is also rich in skin nourishing Essential Fatty Acids including Omega-6 Linoleic acid and Omega-3 Linolenic acid which help to improve the elasticity, texture, and appearance of skin.


Safflower is a highly moisturising, soothing and anti inflammatory carrier oil. Its hydrating properties lend skin a healthy glow, promote elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines making it a staple in our face oil blends. With an exceptionally high amount of Omega 6 Linoleic Acid, an Essential Fatty Acid that offers many benefits for the skin, including healing, maintenance of cell membrane and potent anti-inflammatory protection. An important carrier of vitamins A, D, K, and especially vitamin E. Vitamin A supports cell renewal, vitamin D helps support deep connective tissue health, Vitamin K is a real powerhouse in skincare improving skin pigment and discolourations like scars, acne scarring, sun damage and even under eye dark circles. And finally the wonderful vitamin E, the real workhorse in any skincare, healing, promotes elasticity, and being highly antioxidant protects against free radical damage. It also has powerful oil and impurity removing abilities which made it an obvious choice for a Camellia and Safflower Hot Cloth Cleansing Oil ingredient.


Sandalwood oil has a rich, heady, woody scent and is prized for its ability to help soothe damaged or irritated skin. While at the same time fading scars, diminishing fine lines and smoothing the skin’s surface. It is an excellent emollient, helping it hold onto water, enabling the skin to stay hydrated longer. Studies have also found that sandalwood has a powerful antimicrobial property, which means it can help kill the bacteria that can cause acne. This essential oil lends a deep, nourishing note to both our Rose and Neroli Day Facial Oil and our Frankincense and Jasmine Night Facial Oil.

Sea Buckthorn

A real superstar oil that contains a rare form of Omega 7 Fatty Acid and Vitamin K that help soothe and calm the skin. Naturally containing antioxidants to defend against free radicals and high in Palmitoleic Acid (Omega-7), a natural component of skin and considered a valuable topical agent in treating burns and healing wounds.This superstar oil has outstanding renewing and repairing qualities as well as being excellent for deeply moisturising dry skin. It is also renowned for its ability to reduce the visibility of other skin conditions like age spots, hyper pigmentation and eczema. This carrier oil is also rich in Essential Fatty Acids Omega 3 and 6 and Vitamins C and E. The large ratio of beta carotene is responsible for the vivid orange colour of the fruit pulp oil. We use it in our Lemon and Sea Buckthorn Night Brightening Oil and our Rosehip and Tamanu Scars and Stretchmark Oil but don’t worry you won’t end up looking like an oompa loompa.


We all have used this versatile oil for cooking but few appreciate it’s amazing benefits for the skin. Sunflower Seed carrier oil helps the skin retain moisture to prevent skin dryness. Rich in Antioxidant Vitamin E to protect against free radicals and assist with minimizing visible signs of premature ageing. Vitamin A, supports cell renewal, reduces fine lines and can help reverse photo damage and lastly Vitamin C, working alongside Vitamin E to support antioxidant protection. An oil rich in Oleic Acid, it also has beneficial amounts of Lecithin, and unsaturated fatty acids. It is deeply nourishing and conditioning for the skin, and is highly recommended for mature, dry, sensitive, or damaged skin. We use it in maceration with Camellia and Calendula and it plays a role in all our facial blends, and most of our targeted Elixirs.

Sweet Fennel

Sweet Fennel essential oil is a highly aromatic oil with a distinctive aroma of aniseed. It is one of the hero ingredients of our Grapefruit and Sweet Fennel Body Toning Oil giving it its gorgeous distinctive fresh aroma. For us it is a great detoxing and toning aid, helping to stimulate the release of toxins that can cause cellulite and water retention.


Tamanu Oil carrier oil has a luxurious silky texture and is especially good at stimulating collagen production. This makes it extra beneficial in face and body preparations used for healing and nourishing. Rich in Omega 6 Linoleic Acid and Omega 9 Oleic Acid makes Tamanu carrier oil a remarkable topical healing agent with anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antibiotic, and antioxidant properties. Its benefits are notable for scarring, sunburn and stretch marks which make it a vital oil used in our Rosehip and Tamanu Scars and Stretchmark Oil. You can tell Tamanu is really good for you because it looks just like a green smoothie


We love Wheatgerm carrier oil here at Siskyn and that’s why we put in all but one of our blends. We use this oil not only for its amazing skin boosting benefits but also because of its rich natural source of Vitamin E which acts as a powerful antioxidant helping preserve the longevity of our blends. This also means we never have to add anything artificial to our gorgeous products. It contains a wealth of Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, F but is particularly rich in Vitamin E which aside from being a natural preservative is a powerful antioxidant to protect the skin from oxidative damage. Omega 6 Linoleic acid which provides its powerful anti inflammatory and regenerative properties making it the best oil to use for scar tissue and stretch marks.

Ylang Ylang

This wonderfully rich, sensuous, heady essential oil has a delicious sweet aroma and we use it to compliment our Rose and Neroli Day Facial Oil. Ylang Ylang essential Oil makes a welcome addition to most blends as it has been cited for having soothing and antiseptic properties, helping balance and maintain skin health.


Please use this list and all the information we provide as a guide only. Everyone's skin is different and can react in different ways.
Nothing we say here should replace professional medical advice.
Please also remember even if an oil has an SPF, this does not replace using your usual suncreams.