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Here are some of our frequently asked questions.
If you are curious about anything not answered here, please contact us.

About our oils

Will oils make my skin greasy or cause me to break out?

The question we are asked the most and, we imagine, the reason some people shy away from trying oils.
The answer is of course no! In fact a well blended oil can seriously help acne prone skin by re-balancing the Fatty Acid production of the sebum.

Which blend should I choose?

The 2nd question we are asked the most.
The answer is of course no! In fact a well blended oil can seriously help acne prone skin by re-balancing the Fatty Acid production of the sebum.

Why don't your oils come with a dropper?

This is an easy question to answer and if you have already used a dropper before, you'll know the answer. But for the uninitiated, it is far too easy to knock your bottle of precious oils over when using a dropper. Seriously, we can't tell you how many we have lost over the years. Or maybe its just clumsy us.

Are your products safe to use if I have a nut allergy ?

I'm afraid most of our blends contain gorgeous nut oils which make them not so gorgeous for someone with a nut allergy.
Those that don't contain nuts, although blended under strict conditions, still may result in cross contamination. Please watch this space as we are planning nut and gluten free oils in the very near future.

Are your products safe for me to use while I am pregnant?

It is advised not use essential oils throughout pregnancy. Most of our blends do contain essential oils with the exception of Rosehip and Tamanu Scars and Stretchmark Body Oil and our Camellia and Safflower Hot Cloth Cleansing Oil which contain none. If unsure please consult your GP or Midwife.

I have sensitive skin, are your oils going to irritate my skin ?

Our oils are blended to be beneficial for most skin types, however some do contain citrus oils and/or higher concentrations of essential oils and those with very sensitive skins should be cautious when using these blends. Products include Lemon and Sea Buckthorn Brightening Night Oil, Grapefruit and Sweet Fennel Toning Body Oil and Helichrysum and Calendula Soothing Leg Vein Oil. Everyone's skin is unique so please don't be afraid to try these blends as you may find the perfect match. However if you are still unsure message and we will be more than happy to discuss your needs.

I have just discovered your oils, where can I buy them?

We have just launched our brand Siskyn Skincare Oils and so at present you can only buy our products through our website. Hopefully very soon, we will get our amazing oils out and about and far and wide.

If they are just plant oils, can I eat them?

Ok, so we are not frequently asked this! But we wanted to talk about it somewhere. The short answer is no. Actually, the long answer is no too. Due to the essential oil content of most of our products they are not suitable for eating. We abide by very strict EU law governing the amounts of these incredibly potent oils we are allowed to include. This amount is actually really quite minute. But still, no eating please.