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Elixir - Lemon & Sea Buckthorn Brightening Night Oil 10ml

This is a 10ml try me/travel roll-on version of our amazing Lemon and Seabuckthorn brightening night oil. Regret nothing....apart from not wearing sunscreen. Why didn't we listen ! We grew up in sunny Cornwall, need we say more. But don't worry, our unique brightening elixir will help fade that regret. Containing the incredible vitamin k rich seabuckthorn to help fade skin discolouration and potent carrot seed which, by supporting melanin production, fights any new damage. Antioxidant rich wheatgerm fights free radicals, ultra nourishing pomegranate helps regenerate cells and citrus lemon brightens dark pigmentation. With the added benefit of highly penetrative meadowfoam to help carry all that goodness deep into the skins epidermis.

This powerful night elixir will get to work on erasing the remnants of past holidays while you dream of new ones.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Must have for dry skin!

I’ve struggled for a long time with dry skin but ever since I’ve been using this all of my dry patches are gone! My face looks so healthy and I’ve noticed my skin looks so much better. I’ve had my bottle for 3 months and I still have about a quarter of the product left! Love it!

Thank you so much for your wonderful review Jade, we are so happy you found us! xx
Night oil


Thank you Hanna xx

It’s the most incredible oil to use

Thank you Danae, we are delighted you love our Night Treatment Oil xx
Amazing results

I was lucky enough to win a bottle of Lemon & Seabuckthorn Brightening Night Oil in a recent twitter giveaway from Siskyn. Over the weeks i have used this oil both as a facial oil after cleansing and toning, before bedtime and also rubbing a little onto my hair when it is still damp each morning after a shower. I have had amazing results in the softness of my skin and the oil leaves no oily residue. My hair also feels glossy and the horrible frizziness has now gone, which is brilliant.
The oil itself has a slight scent but not overpowering. I love the fact that there are absolutely no nasties contained in the ingredients and is made up of natural essential oils and seed and fruit oils among others. I would highly recommend this lovely oil.

Thank you so much for your fabulous review Jo, we are absolutely delighted you are loving your night oil! xx
Highly moisturizing

I was using another moisturizer because I like to try out different products but I had to go back to this. It really keeps my skin moisturizer during winter. No more dry patches just smooth flawless skin. It even faded a few dark spots I had on my forehead due to eczema.

Such a wonderful review! Thank you so much, we are absolutely delighted you love our Night Oil xx

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